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Downhill Racing

Downhill mountain bike racing is one of those things you have to try. The Too Fast crew did a season of the UK's Southern Area Downhill series SAMS.

Entered my first downhill race, set fastest time in class on the first run with a hard tail Klein. Decided to get serious, so went out and bought a Sunn Extreme.

Too Fast Crew training at the Lookout at Bracknell

Don't worry if you don't have £4,000 pounds to spend on a full sus bike, get your hand on anything with a strong frame & wheels, spend as much as you can on a good helmet and enter your local races.

Check out my man James grabbing some big air on his latest ride, its a hard core Norco VPS A-LINE.

If you are looking for somewhere to ride out or practice then try "The Lookout" near Bracknell, Berkshire. Plenty of testing single track and the odd short sharp downhill blast. You can also hire moutain bikes on site from Wellington Trek

When you are ready to get serious the have a go at some of the SAMS races. Jezza did some downhill races with SAMS on the Sunn Radical.

Jezza putting in a spot of practice at the office

Too Fast For Rating
Adrenalin 9
out of 10- sssshhheeeeeettt I am doing 50mph on a bicycle in the middle of a forest

Injury Factor: 9 out of 10 - why do you think they wear all that body armor?

Expense Factor: 4out of 10 - cheap to start, but could cost you £4,000 for a top bike

Going that fast on a bicycle across rough terrain, exxxcceelllent


X Country & Freestyle

Only really good fun when you are going downhill, see above

Current Bike - Klein Palomino V disc.

Too Fast For Rating
Adrenalin Factor: 7/10

Injury Factor: 50% - If you ride like I do

Expense Factor: 4/10 - could cost you £4,000 for a top of the range bike

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