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  • Ady Smith SuperMoto School - The Super-Moto Training schools are aimed at riders who are interested in competing in Super-Moto events.
  • Yamaha SuperMoto School At Rockingham. Sliding is king and they teach you the reasons how and why in a clear and uncomplicated fashion.
  • CCM Supermoto track day SM Track days on CCM's finest.


    Jeremy at speed on a CCM Super Moto

    Super Moto: Not for the faint hearted

    Jezza has just returned from a great day at the SuperMoto school at Rockingham.

    The day starts with the normal safety briefing before you get into the intense classroom theory.

    Pay attention in class, because what Andy Ibbott teaches you is some of the most advanced bike techniques you will ever learn in a single day.

    After the first classroom session its out on track, a line of shiny new Yamaha's are waiting for us. this happed to be the first day on brand new bikes.

    The track is laid out on a large flat area of tarmac marked by tyres & cones and pretty soon we are all scooting around but no sliding.

    Then its back to class, now Andy introduced you to basic sliding techniques, this is not poncy, pull in the clutch, back brake slides, this is the real thing, flat out in 3rd and pitch the bike into a very tight corner, down 2 gears and making the bike back-in under pure engine braking. The are also plenty of instructors on hand to help you.

    Then its back in class, now we are onto advanced techniques which include heavy front brake, brutal downward gear shifts, engine braking and back brake with a faster approach speed, and the occasional two fingers on the clutch if the rear wheel starts hopping all over the place.

    Just when you think you have mastered it all, its time to hit the dirt. First a brief classroom session to explain the basic techniques, with some advanced ones. Then onto the dirt to test the theory

    Then its the two together, part tarmac part slippy dirt. With some extra schooling on how to handle the transition from fast tarmac to almost zero grip dirt.


    Photos by Picture Management UK Ltd

    Too Fast For Rating

    9 out of 10 - aaarrrgghhhh my front and back wheels are pointing different directions on all the corners.

    Injury 4 out of 10 - You will fall off but not very fast

    Expense 2 out of 10 - Yamaha bike provided by the school, scratches to the bike won't cost extra, but if you bend it, then you gotta pay more.

    The mutts nuts, if you think you can handle a bike or just looking for your first track day then TooFastForYou thoroughly recommend Andy Ibbott's SuperMoto School at Rockingham.


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